— Green, Engraver

(c. 1767-1850)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Born about 1767, he practised as an engraver in Cork for many years in the early part of the nineteenth century, principally as an engraver of book-plates. His son JAMES GREEN, born about 1802, was also an engraver, and continued his father's business in the Grand Parade, corner of the South Mall. He was living in 1885, when he had retired from business for some time. The following book-plates done in Cork by the Greens have been met with: Bat. Butler, D. Corbet, Dan O'Leary, G. J. Jordan, and John Condon, (a pupil of the elder Green, d. about 1819).

Mr. Robert Day, of Cork, in a notice of bookplates engraved by Cork artists ("Journal of the Royal Historical and Antiquarian Association of Ireland," 1885-6) gives a list of plates signed Green, Cork, as follows: James E. Allman, Richard Allman, Aylmer Wrixon Allen, Henry Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Benjamin Bate, George T. Beale, Thomas Joseph Biggs, Rev. Robert Bell, Joseph Curtis, Richard B. Cotter, James L. Cotter, Thomas Croker, Sir William Chatterton, Bart., Michael Creagh, Dan Callaghan, Gerard Callaghan, George Digby Daunt, R. W. Day, M.D.; John Dennehy, Rev. P. W. Drew, Thomas Dunscombe, William Trant Fagan, George Foott, Thomas R. Guest, Thomas Wall Hewitt (two varieties), John Edward Herrick, Rev. James Hill, Nicholas B. Jagoe, Rev. Edward Herbert Kenny, James Edward Leslie, Joseph Leycester, Joseph Henry Manley, Thomas Meade, Thomas Milward, Henry Morrogh, Jeremiah James Murphy, George Newenham, O'Grady of Kilballyowen, Rev. John Pennefather, Thomas Somerville Reeves, James B. Sarsfield, Philip Sarsfield, Thomas E. Spiers, John Terry, Hon. and Rev. Ludlow Tonson, Bishop of Killaloe, and afterwards Lord Riversdale; Henry Wallis, William Warren, Henry Witham, W. C. White, R.N. Most of these are in the Franks collection in the British Museum, as well as those of John Stockdale Bastable, Matthew Pennefather, and Thomas Hill.

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