George McAlister, Glass Painter

(b. 1786, d. 1812)

Glass Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was son of John McAlister, head porter in Trinity College, Dublin, and was born in 1786. He studied in the Dublin Society's School, which he entered in 1797, and was afterwards bound apprentice to a jeweller; but leaving that business he devoted himself with enthusiasm to glass painting, spending much time and patience in repeated experiments to perfect himself in the art. By his own unaided industry he was successful, and in December, 1807, he gave a public exhibition of the results of his labours. The Dublin Society, after a careful examination of his work, presented him with a testimonial, and he was immediately engaged to execute several commissions. He worked at 15 College Green, and from 1810 at 11 South Cumberland Street. In 1812 he exhibited specimens of his glass-painting at the Society of Artists. McAlister did windows for Lismore Cathedral, and was engaged upon others for Tuam Cathedral, but died before they were finished. His death, caused by fever and inflammation brought on by the heat and fumes of his furnace, took place on the 14th June, 1812, when he was in the twenty-sixth year of his age.

McAlister had three sisters who assisted him in his work. They completed the windows at Tuam, and continued glass painting in Dublin until 1828. In 1816 they presented some stained glass done by themselves to the Royal Dublin Society. A Miss McAlister exhibited specimens of stained glass, including a "St. Peter," at the Dublin Society of Artists in 1812 and 1817.

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