George Lawrence, Portrait Painter in Miniature and Crayons

(fl. 1774-1802)

Portrait Painter in Miniature and Crayons

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He became a pupil in the Dublin Society's School in 1771. In 1774 he exhibited drawings in crayons with the Society of Artists in George's Street, and in 1780 had six portraits in crayons in the exhibition in William Street. He practised his profession as a miniaturist and portrait painter at 34 Grafton Street, and afterwards for the greater part of his life at 35 South Frederick Street. In 1787 he was painting portraits in Kilkenny. He worked chiefly in crayons and miniature, but in 1801 and 1802 exhibited portraits in oil in the Parliament House. The date of his death is not known. His crayon portraits, generally large-sized heads, are excellently done; they bear his signature and date. Mr. George Crampton, St. Valerie, Bray, has a portrait of a lady, a head; and Mrs. Agar of Stanton House, Highworth, Wilts, has a portrait of a man, head and shoulders, signed and dated 1790. Miniatures by G. Lawrence, also signed and dated, are occasionally met with. An excellent example, a charmingly painted portrait of a lady, signed and dated 1780, belongs to Mr. James Ormsby Lawder of Lawderdale, Co. Leitrim. A portrait of Sir Denis Pack, signed G. Lawrence No. 35 Frederick St. Dec. 11, 1788, belonged to the Rev. Richard Pack in 1851 (Rev. J. Graves' History of St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny).

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