Ferdinand Davys, Painter

(fl. 1722-1729)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

On 5th March, 1722-3, "Ferdinand Davys, gent.," petitioned for admission to the Corporation of Painter-Stayners and Cutlers, the Guild of St. Luke, in Dublin. It was agreed that he be brought in on payment of five pounds; but he refused, offering to pay one guinea. This was accepted by the Council, on condition that "he brought in a proof-piece that he was an artist; but the same not being produced the house adjourned, whereupon," as the MSS. of the Guild record, "he took up his petition lying on the table and tore the same." Two years later, however, on 2nd April, 1725, he was admitted. In addition to being an "artist," as appears from foregoing record, he carried on business as a stationer in Abbey Street ("Dublin Weekly Journal," 8th February, 1728-9).

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