Felice Piccioni, Portrait Painter

(fl . 1830-1842)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An Italian artist brought to Belfast by Marcus Ward. He did portraits in chalk and in oil and had a good practice in Belfast and the north of Ireland. In 1834 he exhibited a "Portrait of Professor Bertinchamp" in the Royal Hibernian Academy. He afterwards settled in Cork where he did caricatures, including "Bothered Dan and Foxy Norry," two well-known mendicants, which was reproduced in the Journal of the Cork Archaeological Society in 1892 when it was in the possession of Mr. Edwin F. Hunt. A "Family Group" by him was in the Cork Art Union Exhibition. Two small portraits in chalk, signed and dated 1840, belong to Bishop Stack at Knockballymore, and a portrait in black and white chalks, dated 1839, of "James Moore, M.D.," belongs to Mr. F. A. C. Mills, Cliftonville, Belfast.

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