Eliza H. Trotter, Portrait and Subject Painter

(fl. 1800-1814)

Portrait and Subject Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Younger daughter of John Trotter (q.v.). She exhibited from 16 Stafford Street, in 1800 and 1802, at the Parliament House, and again, in 1804, when she was living at No. 30 Cuffe Street. In that year she decorated the house at Glasnevin, presented to the Harp Society by Charles Lindsay, Bishop of Kildare. She painted the walls of the reception-room in basso-relievo, showing the revival, progress and improvement of the harp. She also painted a portrait of "Patrick Quin," harper to the society. This was engraved for the "Monthly Pantheon," 1809, by Henry Brocas, who also engraved a Portrait of "John Bernard Trotter," secretary of the society, by her. She exhibited six portraits at the Dublin Society's House in Hawkins Street in 1809, including one of "John Philpot Curran," Master of the Rolls. Soon after this she went to London, and in 1811 had a "Portrait of a Young Lady" at the Royal Academy, and sent over a Portrait to the Dublin Artists' Exhibition in Hawkins Street. From 1811 to 1814 she exhibited historical and other pictures at the British Institution. Nothing is known of her subsequently. A portrait of "The Rev. Travers Hume" and one of his wife, Elizabeth, belong to Mr. C. G. Macartney, at Lissanoure, Co. Antrim.

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