Elish Lamont (or La Monte), Miniature Painter

(b. about 1800, d. 1870)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Belfast about 1800. Self-taught as an artist, she was for many years a successful miniature painter in Belfast, patronized by Lord Dufferin, Lord Bangor, the Earl of Belfast, Sir Thomas Bateson and others. She was an exhibitor in the Royal Hibernian Academy from 1842 to 1857, had seven miniatures in the Royal Academy between 1856 and 1859. "Christmas Rhymes, or Three Nights' Revelry," written and illustrated by her and her sister Frances, and dedicated to Lady Dufferin, was published in Belfast in 1846. Towards the end of her life she settled in England, where she was a friend of Dickens and Ruskin. She died at Rochester in 1870. Her miniatures include:

Miss Agnew, of Cairn Castle. R.A., 1857.

Æneas Alexander. R.A., 1857. R.H.A., 1858.

Frederick Richard, Earl of Belfast. R.H.A., 1851.

Frederick Richard, Earl of Belfast. R.A., 1856.

Mrs. Caldicott and child. R.A., 1857.

Helena Selina, Lady Dufferin. R.H.A., 1851.

Helena Selina, Lady Dufferin, R.A., 1856.

Lady Olivia Fitzpatrick. R.H.A., 1854.

Thomas, 2nd Marquess of Headfort, K.P., R.H.A., 1854.

Frances, Marchioness of Headfort. R.H.A., 1854.

Lady Virginia Sanders. R.H.A., 1858.

Hon. Mrs. Walter Trevor Stannus. R.A., 1857; R.H.A., 1858.

Night and Morning, or the blind girl of Kells. R.I.A., 1854.

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