Eley George Mountstephen, Wax Modeller

(fl. 1781-1791)

Wax Modeller

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in the county of Meath. Whitelaw and Walsh ("History of Dublin") say that he worked in Dublin; he may perhaps have learned his art as a wax-modeller from Patrick Cunningham (q.v.). In 1781 he went to London, and in 1782 exhibited portraits in wax at the Free Society and the Royal Academy. He arrived at great excellence as a portrait modeller and continued to exhibit in the Academy down to 1791. Amongst his exhibited works were portraits of the "Hon. Shute Barrington," Bishop of Salisbury, 1786; the "Prince of Wales," 1788; the "Duke of Orleans," 1789; and Sir "Joshua Reynolds," 1791. A "Wax-cast of J. Reynolds" was sent to the Guelph Exhibition by the Earl of Ilchester. After 1791 he went to the Continent, where he died.

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