Eleanor Creathorne Clayton

(b. 1834, d. 1900)

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Only daughter of Benjamin Clayton (III), was born in Dublin on 15th February, 1834. As a child she showed much original talent, and when little more than fifteen she contributed to, and partly edited, her father's paper "Chat." Later she contributed both with pen and pencil to Sala's "London," and to "Punchinello," another of her father's ventures. In 1851 she published "The World's Fair," a book on the exhibition of that year, and in 1859 her "Notable Women," which was followed by similar works—"Celebrated Women," "Women of the Reformation," "Queens of Song, "English Female Artists," etc., and she was a frequent contributor of short stories to "London Society" and other magazines and newspapers. Her last book, "Female Warriors," appeared in 1879. She did drawings for "Judy," and designed Christmas cards, valentines, and similar work for Eugene Rimmel and other firms. She died of paralysis in a nursing home in Mortimer Street on 19th July, 1900. She married in 1879 James Henry Needham, connected with a firm of solicitors in Woolwich. He died in 1892.

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