Edward Purcell, Miniature Painter

(fl. 1812-1831)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He exhibited at the Society of Artists in Dublin in 1812 and 1815, and was then residing at Rehoboth Place, Circular Road. For a short time he appears to have been practising in Waterford. Later he was in England for some years, and in 1831 returned to Dublin and issued an advertisement in "Saunders' Newsletter": "Edward Purcell, professor of drawing from London, proposes giving instruction at 73 Aungier Street. Has taught many of the best families in England." There is no further account of him after this. A miniature portrait by him of "John James McGregor," writer, was engraved by S. Freeman for Vol. III of Wills's "Lives of Illustrious Irishmen."

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