Edward Lancelot Cazneau, Portrait Painter

(b. 1809, d. ?)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Edward Lancelot Cazneau. Picture, by Himself; in National Gallery of Ireland.

Was born in England in 1809, but nothing is known of his parentage. In 1828 he entered the Dublin Society's Schools as a pupil, and studied there for a few years. In 1835 he married in Dublin, Margaret Sharp, a young girl of sixteen, daughter of Sarah Sharp of No. 4 Church Lane, robe and gown maker to the University. In the same year he is first heard of as an artist, sending portraits to the Royal Hibernian Academy from 4 Church Lane, where he resided. He afterwards lived in Summer Hill, and continued to exhibit at the Academy down to 1847; after that there is no further account of him. He appears to have been a painter of some ability; his portrait, painted by himself, in the National Gallery of Ireland, is quite equal to the work of most of the better known Dublin portrait painters of the time.

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