Ebenezer Crawford, Subject Painter

(b. 1830, d. 1874)

Subject Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Belfast in 1830, and studied in the School of Design there. Going to London he became a pupil of E. M. Ward, R.A., and gave much promise of talent as a portrait and subject painter. He exhibited, chiefly domestic and subject pictures, at the Royal Academy from 1859 to 1873, including in 1860 an "Interior of an Irish Cabin," and "The Smithy, Red Bay Cove, Co. Antrim." A portrait by him of "J. Scott Porter" was engraved in mezzotint by R. Josey (The Portrait of the Rev. John Scott Porter belongs to Sir Andrew M. Porter). He died in 1874.

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