Dunchad, Metal Worker

(fl. c. 1023-1052)

Metal Worker

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A monk of Clonmacnois, who made the case or shrine for the "Stowe Missel" between 1023 and 1052. It is of oak, covered with plates of silver, and is inscribed with the name of the artist: "Pray for Dunchad descendant of Taccan, of the family of Cluain, who made this." It is supposed to have belonged to the monastery of Lorrha, in Tipperary, whence it found its way to Ratisbon, and came into the possession of John Grace, an officer in the Austrian service, about 1784. Dr. O'Conor obtained it from his family for the library of the Duke of Buckingham, at Stowe. It afterwards passed into the possession of the Earl of Ashburnham, and is now deposited in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy.

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