Dudley Costello, Draughtsman

(b. 1803, d. 1865.)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was son of Captain James Francis Costello and brother of Louisa Stuart Costello (q.v.), and was born in Sussex in 1803. Educated at Sandhurst, he entered the army as an ensign in the 34th Foot in 1821, and afterwards served with the 90th Foot in North America and the West Indies. In 1828 he went on half-pay. He spent some time in Paris, where he was associated with his sister in copying illuminated manuscripts in the Bibliothéque Royale. His copies, especially of "the Tournaments of King René of Sicily," were accurately and beautifully done and were much admired. He was also employed in Cuvier's "Regne Animal." He returned to London in 1833, and engaged in journalism, contributing to many of the periodicals of the day. His "Tour through the Valley of the Meuse" was illustrated by himself, as was also his "Piedmont and Italy from the Alps to the Tiber." He died at 54 Acacia Road, St. John's Wood, on 30th September, 1865.

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