— Du Pan, Portrait Painter

(fl. c. 1750)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

An artist, presumably foreign, who painted in England and Ireland about the middle of the eighteenth century. He was in Dublin in 1750, as evidenced by the print of Lord Harrington mentioned in list below. Nothing is recorded of his life; he is known only as the painter of the undermentioned portraits:

John Boyle, Earl of Orrery.

Henrietta, Countess of Orrery; his first wife.

Margaret, Countess of Orrery; second wife.

Charles, Viscount Dungarvan, son of John, 5th Earl of Cork. These (the four preceding) were at Marston Hall, Somersetshire, the seat of the Earl of Cork, and were sold in November, 1905.

William, Earl of Harrington, Lord Lieutenant. Engraved in mezzotint by M. Ford in Dublin. The print is inscribed Du Pan pinxt Dublin 1750.

Children of Frederick Prince of Wales. [St. James' Palace.] Engraved in mezzotint by J. Faber, Du Pan pinxt; also, a portion only, by T. Ryley.

Matthew Maty, M.D., Secretary to the Royal Society and Chief Librarian in the British Museum. [British Museum.]

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