Daniel Richardson, Still-life Painter

(fl. 1783-1830)

Still-life Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He first appears as an exhibitor at the Royal Academy in 1783, and was then resident in the Haymarket, London. He further exhibited in 1799, 1801 and 1802, his contributions being fruit, flowers and game pieces. In 1809 he was in Dublin where he remained for ten years, contributing to the various exhibitions of the Society of Artists. By 1820 he had returned to London, and was an exhibitor in that year and at intervals down to 1830 of flowers, fish and game subjects at the Royal Academy. In 1826, being then resident at 9 King's Row, Pentonville, he sent three fruit and flower pieces to the Royal Hibernian Academy. No mention of him occurs after 1830. He enjoyed some reputation in Dublin as an artist; his pictures, which seem to have been eagerly bought by collectors, are said to have been rich in colour and well painted, but they are now quite unknown. Over twenty of his works were in the collection of Francis Johnston, the architect, sold in Dublin in 1845. They comprised, besides his usual fruit, flower and fish subjects, some landscapes and several small paintings on porcelain.

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