Daigh, Metal Worker, etc.

(d. 587)

Metal Worker, etc.

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Son of Cairell, Bishop of Inniskeen in Louth. His mother was Deidi, daughter of Trian, son of Dubhthaich ui Lughair. The "Martyrology of Donegal" (9th August) says: "He was a celebrated artificer; it was he that made 150 bells, 100 croziers, and who put a case or cover on 60 Gospels" and the "Lebor Brecc" (18th August) describes him as "a smith and an artist and a choice scribe," who was chief artist to Ciaran of Saigir. (See under "Cairnech.") The "Annals of Ulster" record his death in 587.

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