D. Malone, Engraver

(fl. c. 1748-1766)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was employed by the Dublin publishers as an engraver, and also did book-plates. In the pirated edition of William Melmoth's "Letters of Pliny," published by George and Alexander Ewing at the Angel and Bible, Dame Street, in 1748, medals engraved by Ravenet in the London edition of 1747 were reproduced and signed Malone Sculpt.; and in "The Letters of Pliny," published by George Faulkner in 1751, is a vignette in second volume, similarly signed.

A well-designed book-plate of "John Smart" is signed D. Malone sculpist 1766; and in the Franks collection in the British Museum are book-plates of "Butler, Earl of Arran," and "Rev. David Cuffe," Malone sculpt.

He was perhaps the "Denis Malone" who was in partnership with Robert Perry as a letter-founder (see advertisement in "Dublin Courant," 1748).

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