Cudulig Ua Inmainen, Metal Worker

(c. 1100)

Metal Worker

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

The artificer, with his sons, of the Shrine of St. Patrick's Bell preserved in the Royal Irish Academy's collection in the National Museum, Kildare Street. It was made some time between the years 1091 and 1105 for Donnell O'Loughlin, King of Ireland, and Donnell MacAulay, Bishop of Armagh, the successor of St. Patrick. It is of bronze and silver decorated with gold filagree, crystals, red stones and blue glass. In 1441 it passed from the custody of its hereditary keepers, the O'Mellans, to that of the Mulhollands, and remained in possession of that family until 1758, when it passed by bequest to Adam M'Clean, of Belfast, from whose executors it was purchased by the Rev. James Henthorn Todd. After his death it was purchased by the Royal Irish Academy.

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