Claude Lorraine Nursey, Landscape Painter

(b. about 1820, d. 1873)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born about 1820, the son of Perry Nursey of Little Bealings, Woodbridge, Suffolk. After practising for a short time as a landscape painter at Ipswich he went through a course of training in the Central School of Design in Somerset House and, on the 4th August, 1846, was appointed Master of the Leeds School of Design. While there he superintended the establishment of a similar school at Bradford. On the 1st May, 1849, he was transferred to the Belfast School and continued there until about 1855 when he removed to the school at Norwich. While in Belfast he was eminently successful by his zeal and power of organization in the management of the school and in interesting the manufacturers of the city in the subject of industrial art. He finally settled in his native county and was for some time Secretary of the Norwich Fine Arts Association. He contributed landscapes and sea-pieces to the Society of British Artists in 1844, 1856 and 1857; and to the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1853 and 1854. He painted a picture of the local Volunteers on the rifle-range on Mousehold Heath, Norwich, containing portraits of the officers, among whom was a Lieut. Croker, an Irishman. He died at his residence, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, on 2nd January, 1873, in his fifty-fourth year.

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