Charles Wynne Nicholls, Subject Painter

(b. 1831, d. 1903)

Subject Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Charles W. Nicholls, R.H.A. Photograph.

Son of John Nicholls, apothecary, of 48 Dawson Street, Dublin, and Martha Craven, his wife, he was born in Dawson Street on 20th October, 1831. He studied in the Royal Dublin Society's Schools and in the Royal Hibernian Academy, and began to exhibit in 1859. On the 18th June, 1861, he was elected an Associate, and on 22nd June, 1869, a Member of the Royal Hibernian Academy. He left Ireland in 1864 and took up his residence in London, but continued to exhibit regularly in Dublin. He was also an exhibitor for many years in the Royal Academy. He painted figure subjects, and occasionally landscapes, and as an artist of considerable ability he found a ready sale for his pictures. His "Tomb of Grace Darling" was engraved by J. Godfrey for the "Art Journal" in 1872. He died at his residence, 44 Halsey Street, London, on 24th January, 1903.

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