Charles Vandeleur Foley, Figure Painter

(fl. 1843-1868)

Figure Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was younger brother of John H. Foley, R.A., and of Edward Foley (q.v.), and was born at No. 6 Montgomery Street, Dublin. He became a pupil in the Royal Dublin Society's School in 1836, and obtained the first prize for modelling in 1837, and a medal in 1843. He became a painter and commenced to exhibit in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1846, and continued to send works there, mostly figure subjects, with an occasional landscape, down to 1868. Although possessed of considerable talent he was erratic and eccentric and never achieved any success in his profession. He supported himself mainly by teaching in Dublin. He exhibited twice in the Royal Academy—in 1856 and 1860—and in the British Institution in 1852 and 1860. He died in Scotland.

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