C. Cole, Amateur Draughtsman

(fl. c. 1694)

Amateur Draughtsman

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

In the "Philosophical Transactions" of the Royal Society, London, Volume XVIII, 1694, is "An Account of the Giant's Cawsway in the North of Ireland," by Dr. Samuel Foley, with an illustration, "A Draught of the Gyant's Cawsway which lyes near Pengorehead in the County of Antrim, by C. Cole, 1694." This is the earliest known view of the Causeway. The view is referred to by Dr. Foley as "drawn by Mr. Cole, Collector in those parts." Dr. Thomas Molyneux in a subsequent communication to the Royal Society, referred to the view as not to be relied on, "being done by one who was no extraordinary artist, though the best that could then be had." Edwin Sandys (q.v.) was employed to make a correct drawing in 1697, which was engraved, and appeared in the Transactions in 1698.

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