Alexander O'Driscoll, Painter and Lithographer

(fl. c. 1844)

Painter and Lithographer

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Probably a native of Cork. He painted a view of "The Conciliation Hall, with the first meeting of the Repeal martyrs after their liberation, September 9th, 1844," which was lithographed by Falkner and Sons, Manchester, and published by J. Kelly, Nassau Street, Dublin, in 1844. He also contributed sketches of the "Trial of O'Connell and others" to the London "Sun," in 1844. A lithograph, 15 ½ by11 inches, of "Entrance Gate, British Museum," with portrait of William Sievier, porter at the Museum, is inscribed; Alexr. O'Driscoll, 13 Wigmore St. Painted by Elijah Shaw. A "Portrait of Charles Phillips," Commissioner of the Court of Bankruptcy, London, was painted and lithographed by him as one of the series of "A. O'Driscoll's Legal Gallery," published by Graves in 1843. It is inscribed: Painted from Life and drawn on stone by Alex. O'Driscoll, 14 Millman St., Bedford Place, and a "Group of officers and men of the Royal Artillery" was lithographed in colours for Ackermann's "Costumes of the British Army," 1840, as also "An Officer of the Royal Horse Guards," in 1841.

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