A. Pobje, Wax Modeller

(fl. c. 1810)

Wax Modeller

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

His name occurs as an exhibitor with the Society of Artists in Hawkins Street in 1810 of "A Sphinx," and in 1815, with the Hibernian Society of Artists, of portraits in wax of "Rev. Rowland Hill" and "Rev. John Wesley." He lived in Whitefriars Street. Gilbert, "History of Dublin," II, p. 237, speaking of Crow Street Theatre when under the management of F. E. Jones in 1810, says: "Among the marvels produced by Pobje and other mechanists of the theatre is mentioned an imitation peacock which, worked entirely by internal machinery, strutted across the stage in the manner of the real bird." Pobje was probably father of Henry Pobje of Bray, stucco plasterer, who died about 1845 (will dated 16th November, 1829, proved 9th September, 1845), leaving three sons, Charles, Henry and Joseph. One of these was described by the late Sir Thomas Drew (MS. note penes, W.G.S.) as "the last survivor of the traditions of refined architectural modelling in Dublin. He was in the employment of one Hogan, master plasterer, of Great Brunswick Street, in 1862-3, when he executed fine work with the old skill, under me in the Provincial Bank, College Street. He was by breeding and instinct a 'gentleman-workman,' of foreign appearance, well educated and spoke French, a very interesting man."

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