Irish Girls

John Francis Maguire
CHAPTER IX (12) start of chapter

From a communication which I have received from an eminent citizen of St. John's, to whose kindness I am much indebted, I take the following passage:—

The Irish girls, 'to the manner born,' are almost extinct in this island, emigration for many years past having almost entirely ceased. But the Irish of native growth are, as a class, intelligent, well-developed, and industrious. Immorality is rare among them, as may be shown by a record of last year's births in St. John's, from which it appears that of 725 births, 12 only were illegitimate, or less than 2 per cent, of the whole. This, too, is not an exceptional year, but may be taken as a fair criterion of the morality of the Irish girls. The educational labours of the Nuns are doing much to preserve the virtue of the female youth; and nowhere are these holy women more valued than here.