The Williams Family

Williams family crest

(Crest No. 25. Plate 68.)

THE Williams or MacWilliams family is of Norman origin, being a branch of the Deburgos, or Burkes, some of whom took the name of MacWilliam. One of them, namely, Edward de Burgo, took the name of William Oughter, or MacWilliam the Upper, and another that of MacWilliam Eighter, or MacWilliam the Lower, in reference to the localities which they occupied. In course of time many of them dropped the Mac, their descendants being since called Williams.

A noted member of this name was Richard Dalton Williams, the poet, born in the County of Tipperary, in 1822. He was consistent contributor to the “Dublin Nation” from 1843 to 1848. In the last named year he founded the “Irish Tribune” with Keven Izod O’Doherty, but after a few issues it was suppressed by the Government. O’Doherty was transported to Australia and Williams was acquitted. He graduated in medicine at Edinburgh, and in 1851 came to the United States. Dr. Williams died in Thibodeaux, La., in 1862, aged thirty-nine. Some Irish soldiers of a New Hampshire regiment, being encamped in the vicinity at the time, raised a subscription and erected a handsome monument with a suitable inscription over the patriot-poet’s grave.

A worthy representative of this honored name is Dr. Hamilton Williams of New York City, a man highly esteemed in his profession, who commands the respect and confidence of his fellow-citizens.