The Teigh Family

Teigh family crest

(Crest No. 83. Plate 29.)

THE Teigh or Tighe family is descended from Milesius, King of Spain, through the line of his son Heber. The founder of the family was Teigue, son of Brian Boru, King of Ireland, A. D. 1002.

The ancient name was Teigue, which signifies “Covering.” The possessions of the sept were located in the present Counties of Wicklow and Wexford. The Tighes were Chiefs of Hy Maile (Imaile) and of Hy Teigh.

The territory of Hy Teigh was also called Crioch Cualan, or “Cualan’s Country,” and comprised the baronies of Rathdown, Newcastle, and Arklow, in the County of Wicklow. This territory derived its designation from Cuala, son of Breogan, one of the commanders of the Milesian colony from Spain, who took possession of this country, called after him Sliabh Cualan, or the Mountain of Cuala, now Delgany. A branch of this family were chiefs also in the County of Roscommon.

There are many of this name to-day in Ireland and in the United States who occupy respectable and honorable positions. His Honor, Judge Tighe, of Brooklyn, N. Y., is a descendant of this family.