The Riordan Family

Riordan family crest

(Crest No. 63. Plate 51.)

THE Riordan family is descended from Milesius, King of Spain, through the line of his son Heremon. The founder of the family was Rossa Failge, after whom the Rossa Failge tribe is called, son of Cathire More, or Cathire the Great, King of Ireland, A. D. 144. The ancient name was Riordan, which signifies “Umpire.” The possessions of the sept were situated in the present Counties of Limerick, Cork, Galway, and Mayo. The O’Riordans of Muskerry, in the County of Cork, were a clan of note and were distinguished military chiefs in ancient times.

The name is still numerous in Ireland, in the United States, and the British Colonies, and many of them have attained prominence, especially among the clergy. Of the latter in our day may be mentioned the late Rev. Michael Riordan, a man of varied and profound learning, and the present Archbishop of San Francisco, Most Rev. Patrick Riordan.