The Breslin Family

Breslin family crest

(Crest No. 11. Plate 3.)

THE Breslin family is descended from Milesius, King of Spain, through the line of his son Heremon. The founder of the family was Brian, son of Eocha Moy Veagon, King of Ireland, A. D. 350. The ancient name was Breislin, signifying “Prince.”

The possessions of the sept were located in the present Counties of Donegal and Tipperary. The O’Breslins were chiefs of Hy-Athy of Ely, which appears to have been a part of Ely O’Carroll, situated near the Shannon; and these O’Breslins were probably a branch of the O’Breslins of Donegal, who were brehons or judges to the O’Donnells, princes of Tirconnell, and to the MacGuires, princes of Fermanagh. The latter were chiefs of Fanaid, or Fanad, on the western shore of Lough Swilloy, extending to Mulroy Lough and from the sea to Rathmeltan.

Many of the name were learned men and eminent ecclesiastics. There are many of the name in the United States, prosperous merchants, manufacturers, and business men, among whom may be mentioned in New York City Mr. Michael P. Breslin and Mr. Thomas Breslin.