Another Parliament

Justin McCarthy
Chapter V | Start of Chapter

A new Deputy, Sir John Perrot, convened a Parliament in Ireland. There was something farcical as well as grim in calling together a Parliament under such conditions, when the delegates were supposed to be convened that they might give frank and sincere advice to the representative of the Sovereign. Some of the Irish Chieftains who had given their allegiance to the English Sovereign not only accepted the Deputy's invitation, but actually presented themselves in full English costume. In former Parliaments, when Irish Chieftains were loyal enough to take part in the sittings, they still wore the costume of their septs; but now, after so many struggles, some of the Irish nobles thought they would do better by making a complete submission to the conqueror, and inaugurating the new season of peace and prosperity by adopting the costume of their rulers. This Parliament naturally proved most obedient. Whatever the Deputy wished, it promptly adopted.