The Ulster-Scots Dialect Boundaries in Ulster

Robert J. Gregg

Final Phonological Questionnaire

List 1 (1-47)

bought bright brought cough daughter dough draught eight enough fight fought height high laugh light might neigh night ought (pron.) right rough sigh sight sough straight thought tight tough trough weight wright wrought baghle brugh dight dreegh, forfoghen greeshagh hough laghter laigh paghle pegh scraigh sheugh spleughan spraghle styaghie weght

List 2 (48-96)

above afternoon behove blood board boot brother cloot cool cud done floor (door) fool foot good goose groop gum hood just (adv.) loof moon moors mother move other poor put rood roost roots school shoe, shoe (a horse), * shoes shoot soon soot spoon stool to too tooth enough hook flyuggy nook plough sheugh tough

List 3 (97-123)

behind blind climb find bull dozen dun (the colour) nut son stubble summer sun tup 'ram' asunder trundle run *such ɑ bridge build ridge ridge tiles trig 'neat' chest red together tremble vetch

List 4 (124-180)

after aftergrass apple axle bladder blade brass cradle family father flat gander gather glad glass grass halter hammer hames hasp jackdaw ladder magpie manner master matter pane plaster rather sack saturday shaft travel wash arm carry cart farm garden harm harvest marbles march (dyke) *married to narrow part partridge sharp starving tart (adj.) yard branch haunch stanchion dinner kindling either neither

List 5 (181-260)

allow bow (v.) brow (riverbank) cow *cows flour hour how now power shower sour sow (n.) thousand blue lukewarm plough full pull coulter shoulder powder about account brown coarse council count county course court crown discourse doubt down drought drown drook duck1 'dodge' duck2 'drench' duck (n.) foisonless foutre gown house *houses loud louse mouse mouth our (stressed) our (weak) out owl plum poacher poison pouch pour powder proud round rust scowl shroud snout sound (n.) sorrel south spout sprout stoon stout suck supple town thumb trout gold

List 6 (261-305)

quilt switch swither twenty twins twister whin whip whiskey whiskers whisper whistle whitlow whittle whittret 'stoat' wilderness will wind window winnow winter wish wisp wit witch wither withy wizard wrinkle wrist many (any) burn 'stream' found ground mountain mourn pound (£) pound (lb.) pound (for animals) brittle chullers cinders lum steady stithy

List 7 (306-361)

attercap caup chop crop 'harvest' crop (of bird) drop hop lopsided prop shop slap sob stop top open bob hob hobble job knob lobster loft off often soft tom bottle (hay, etc.) fond must porridge along among belong long song strong thongs throng tongs wrong quit swell twelve weather web wedding well (n.) wet (adj.) (wetting) whelm whelp wren wrestle wade wale rushes

List 8 (362-404)

all, *at all, ball call fall hall miscall small wall balk beholden dwalm salt scald, scald, stalk talk walk blow crow (n.) crow (v.) mow row 'a series' snow sow (v.) taws, thrawen, thraw hook, away two where who claw draw haw hawk jackdaw jaw law saw (v.) saw (n.) barrow logg moghy tassle

List 9 (405-450)

beestings blaze breast briar creepie devil die drip eye *eyes field, fly (n.) fly (v.) friend greet 'cry' high keek king lie (n.) lie (v.) live meadow reek sick speel street 'farmyard' swim thread wet (v.) widow bread dead (died) deaf *deafen freet head lead (n.) mare nieve pear pheasant spread swear wear well (adv.)

List 10 (451-507)

alone blate 'bashful' bone both blae brae broad cloth *clothes comb from gable graip home kale load loan more most(ly) no (adj.) none nothing one own (adj.) rope sloe so sore spae stone straw toe whole beak beast beat cheap cheat cream creature death easter eleven flea neat quiet reaper reason scheme season seat seven sheaf shed special treat weans hain weak

List 11 (508-523)

boke bole cord corn dog froth glomin gopen hoke lonin morning not rock scobe short snoke sort thole

List 12 (524-569)

ay 'always' bay bray clay gey hay may pay quey reins stay steep way weigh whey boil (n.) ay 'always' aye 'yes' bay buy gey guy mine (n.) mine (adj.) may (the month) my neighbour pay pie stay sty (for pigs) die dye eye i lie 'fib' lie 'recline' fife five price prize

List 13 (570-613)

bold cold fold hold old scold sold told bolster bolt bowl colt jolt knoll mould (board) pole roll shoulder soul bestow chew coup ewe four gowl goup grow loose loosen lown loup over pony thaw tow moily stoigh

List 14 (614-665)

do don't, i don't know, does doesn't didn't, (he made me) do it have haven't have to, has hasn't, has to, hadn't, had had, behove to, daren't mustn't can't couldn't mightn't shouldn't won't wouldn't amn't isn't aren't wasn't weren't break broke broken give gave given take took taken began begun hit (p.t.) let (p.t.) sat set, is/are there? was/were there? I'll have to go, Where are you going to? I'll not be able to get. It doesn't matter about it, Is there any more bread? He made me cry.

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