Editors' Note

This volume reprints published and unpublished works from the breadth of Robert J. Gregg's scholarly career of forty years. While their subject matter often overlaps, there is less duplication than at first appears. Because it is only by reproducing the full canon of Gregg's work that one can chart this seminal scholar's evolution in thinking, we have chosen to be inclusive.

Inasmuch as his original publications were prepared according to a variety of formats and were published in outlets that differed widely in their conventions of citation, punctuation, reference, and the like, the editors have standardized these matters across the reprinted versions. In a few cases we have spelled out abbreviations, but we have kept his phonetic symbols and all other content in its original form except for one case. For nearly his entire career and in all his published writing Gregg employed the term 'Scotch-Irish'. However, in correspondence late in life and in amended versions of earlier essays supplied to the editors, he stated his preference for 'Ulster-Scots'. In deference to his wishes, we have used the latter throughout the text.