Wexford County Directory - Wexford Guide and Directory, 1885

About “Wexford County Guide and Directory,” 1885

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version of Bassett’s Wexford County Guide and Directory is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

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IN 1881, of the residents of the county, there were 280 foreigners, 122 Scotchmen, and 997 natives of England and Wales. The natives of England and Wales had increased in number to the extent of 300 since 1841, the Scotchmen had increased 19 during the same period, and the foreigners 171.


Lord Maurice Fitzgerald, Johnstown Castle, Wexford.


Alcock, Col. Harry, Wilton castle, Enniscorthy

Bolton, Wm., The Island, Oulart

Carew, Lord, Castle Boro, Clonroche, Enniscorthy

Clayton, Richard B., Carrickbyrne lodge, New Ross

Cliffe, Anthony J., Bellevue, Enniscorthy

Courtown, Earl of, Courtown, Gorey

Dawson, Capt. Wm. M. W., Charlesfort, Ferns

Devereux, John T., George street, Wexford

Doyne, Charles M., Wells, Gorey

Harvey, Capt. Percy L., Lonsdale, Kyle, Enniscorthy

Hatton, Lieut.-Col. Villiers L. T., Sackville street Club, Dublin

Hughes, Capt. Sir Fredk., Fort House, Wexford

Irvine, Capt. Edward T., St. Aiden’s, Ferns

Keane, Capt. Lord, Castletown house, Churchtown, Wexford

Lymington, Viscount, Eggesford house, Crediton, North Devon

Maher, Matthias Aiden, Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy

Power, Sir John Talbot, Bart., Edermine, Enniscorthy

Ram, Stephen

Templemore, Lord, Dunbrody Park, Arthurstown

Tottenham, Charles, Ballycurry, Ashford, co. Wicklow

Walker, Thomas J., Tykillen house, Kyle, Wexford


Alcock, Col. Harry, Wilton, castle, Enniscorthy

Alcock, Col. Philip S., Park house, Wexford

Arran, Earl of, Castle Gore, co. Mayo

Acheson, Joseph, Ballyane Park, New Ross

Ashton, Samuel

Barry, John E., Wexford

Barrett, Capt. Samuel, Kilmanock house, Priest Haggard, New Ross

Blacker, Rev. Robert S. C., Woodbrook, Enniscorthy

Bolton, Wm., The Island, Oulart

Boxwell, Francis, Butlerstown castle, Ballycogley

Boxwell, Harvey, Hermitage, Wexford

Boxwell, William, Sarshill, Kilmore, Wexford

Boyse, Major Henry A., Bannow house, New Ross

Breen, Patrick, Castlebridge

Bruen, Henry, Coolbaun, Enniscorthy

Brooke, George F., Summerton, co. Dublin

Budgeon, Thomas J., Ballindoney house, Ballywilliam, New Ross

Bulwer, Walter R., Seaview, Enniskerry

Byrne, Edmond A., Rosemount, New Ross

Caulfield, Wm. A., Melbourne

Chichester, Capt. the Hon. Francis A. J., Glandine, Arthurstown

Clayton, Richard C. Brown, Carrickbyrne, New Ross

Cliffe, Capt. Anthony J., Bellevue, Enniscorthy

Coghlan, William, Summerville, Wexford

Cookman, Nath. N., Monart house, Enniscorthy

Cookman, Dr. Wm., Kiltrea, Enniscorthy

Courtown, Earl of, Courtown house, Gorey

Cullin, John, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy

D’Arcy, Matthew P., Kilcroney house, Bray

Dawson, Walter M. W., Charlesfort, Ferns

Deane-Drake, Joseph E., Stokestown, New Ross

Devereux, John D., Ballyrankin house, Ferns

Doyne, Charles M., Wells, Gorey

Dundas, Lorenzo, Clobemon hall, Ferns

Durdin, Alexander, Huntingdon castle, Clonegal

Eden, Lieut. William G., Merton, Enniscorthy

Edwards, James T., Bannow house, Bannow, New Ross

Ellis, Thomas C., St. Austin’s, Inch, Gorey

Elrington, Joseph F. (Q.C.), 24 Fitzwilliam street, upr, Dublin

Flood, Edward T. S., Ballynaslaney, Kyle, Wexford

Flood, Frederick S., North End, Fulham, Middlesex

Galavan, Jas. E., Erinvale, New Ross

George, Richard D’Olier, Cahore, Clonevan, Gorey

Gibbon, Wm. M., Templeshelin, Adamstown

Glascott, John H., Dublin Castle

Glascott, Wm. M., Pilltown, co. Kilkenny

Granard, Earl of, Castleforbes, Newtown-F orbes

Greene, John, Mount Anna, Kyle, Wexford

Guise, Major-General John C., St. Waleran, Gorey

Gyles, Capt. Nicholas F., Lismore

Harman, Major Thos. E., Palace, New Ross

Harvey, Crosbie, W., Kyle, Wexford

Harvey, Capt. Percy L., Kyle, Enniscorthy

Hatchell, John, 12 Merrion square, south, Dublin

Hatton, Lt.-Colonel V. L. T., Sackville street Club, Dublin

Hewetson, Major Henry A., Aughnacloy house, Ballybrack

Howlett, John, Russellstown house, The Rower, Inistioge

Howlin, James, Ballycronigan, Wexford

Hughes, Capt. Sir Fredk., Fort house, Rosslare, Wexford

Huson, Lt.-Col. Nar. E., Springfield, Wexford

Irvine, Capt. Edward T., St. Aiden’s, Ferns

Kane, John F., Saunders’ court, Wexford

Kavanagh, Arthur M., Borris house, Borris

King, Frank, Woodville, Bridgetown

Knox, Maurice M., Killowen, New Ross

Lambert, Henry, Tan-y-Graig, Anglesey

Le Hunt, George, Artramont, Castlebridge, Gorey

Leigh, Francis A., Rosegarland, New Ross

Lloyd, Lt.-Colonel Morgan Geo., Camolin house, Camolin

Maconchy, George, Torquay

Magan, Percy, Kilcleagh Park, Moate

Maher, Matthias A., Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy

Malley, George O., Hill castle, Wexford

Moffat, James, Ballyhyland, Enniscorthy

Morrogh, Leonard, Sledagh, Wexford

Peacocke, Charles H., Belmont, Wexford

Porter, Sir George H., Knt., 3 Merrion square, north, Dublin

Posnett, George, Wardpark, Dundrum, Cashel

Pounden, John C., Ballywalter, Clonevan

Power, Sir John T., Bart., Edermine, Enniscorthy

Powerscourt, Viscount, Powerscourt castle, Enniskerry, co. Wicklow

Quin, Henry, Burleigh, Inch, Gorey

Ram, Stephen

Revington, Thomas H., Glencoe, Richmond, Surrey

Richards, Albert C., Macmine castle, Enniscorthy

Richards, Major-General Solomon, Solsborough, Enniscorthy

Roberts, George C., Summerhill, Enniscorthy

Roche, Major Robert J., Knockreigh, Adamstown

Ruttledge, Francis, Coolbaun cottage, Killann, Enniscorthy

Ryan, Wm. (Q.C.), 29 Upper Pembroke street, Dublin

Sheppard, Lt.-Col. Thos., Kildare street Club, Dublin

Stannard, James, Brickettstown house, Taghmon

Stephens, Abraham, Bellavista, Duncannon

Stopford, Viscount, Marlfield, Gorey

Strong, Colonel, Raheenduff

Sweetman, Laurence, Ballymackesy, Clonroche, Enniscorthy

Talbot, John H., Castle Talbot, Gorey

Taylor, Godfrey, Lovelace, Grangeville, Fethard, co. Wexford

Templemore, Lord, Dunbrody Park, Arthurstown

Tottenham, Colonel Charles G., Ballycurry, Ashford, co. Wicklow

Tottenham, Charles, Ballycurry, Ashford, co. Wicklow

Turner, Edward, Carcur house, Wexford

Turner, F. A. B., Levuka, Gorey

Tyndall, Robert, Oaklands, New Ross

Walker, Capt. Thomas J., Tykillen house, Kyle, Wexford

West, William H., Farmley, Ballycarney, Ferns

White, Henry J., Peppard’s castle, Clonevan, Gorey

Wilson, Christian, Dublin

Wolseley, Sir Clement J., Bart., Mount Wolseley, Tullow, co. Carlow

Wybrants, William, Ashton Park, Ballycanew, Gorey


Richard D’Olier George, J.P., Cahore, Gorey


John Barry, Forth Works, Kircaldy, Scotland

John Francis Small, Solicitor, Newry


William F. Darley, I.L.D., Q.C., 18 Fitzwilliam square, Dublin


Robert R. Kennedy, Richmond terrace, Wexford


Clerk of the Crown and Peace—Henry L. Meadows, M.A., Thornville, Wexford

Registrar Civil Bill Court—G. A. Leech, 17 upper Temple street, Dublin

Crown Solicitor—Aquila M‘Mahon, 31 College green, Dublin

Sessional Crown Solicitor—Rodolph W. Ryan, George st, Wexford

Secretary to Grand Jury—Henry E. Wynne, Richmond terrace, Wexford

County Surveyor—James Barry Farrell, Glendarra, Wexford

Assistant County Surveyors—James P. Murphy, Mathew Doyle, Wm. Ryan, and Patk. O’Leary

Sub-Sheriff—Thomas Wilkinson, Castle hill, Enniscorthy

Sheriff’s Returning Officer—Rich. W. Elgee, George st, Wexford

Coroners—Edward R. O’Farrell, Little Faree, Foulksmill; John Murphy, Ryland, Clohamon, Ferns


Charles Taylor, Solicitor, The Castle, Wexford


County Inspector—John Joseph Jones, Wexford


Collector and Distributor of Stamps—James Simmons, Wexford


Superintendent and Receiver of Wreck—Henry Carr, Wexford


Barrack Station, Duncannon Fort. Detatchment 24th Regt. Lieuts. Campbell and Lethbridge


P. T. Macauley, Enniscorthy


Inspectors—W. J. Hamilton, Wexford, New Ross, and Enniscorthy; Dr. M‘Cabe, Gorey

Auditors—Courtenay Croker, Wexford and New Ross; W. G. Finlay, Enniscorthy and Gorey


Enniscorthy—Thos. Wilkinson

Gorey—James Scott

New Ross—Richard Ussher

Wexford—James M. Vicary


Enniscorthy—Wilhelmina Carroll, Slaney place

Gorey— Wm. Webb

New Ross—Mrs. Susan Plummer


Jasper W. Walsh, Wexford; Richd. Ussher, New Ross


Ballaghkeen, North—Albert King, Kilbride lodge, Balla

Ballaghkeen, South—Richd. Cliffe Owen, Knockmullen, Gorey

Bantry—Geo. W. Carr, Camlin, New Ross

Bargy—R. St. George Nunn, Mount Henry, Wexford

Forth—George Washington Ogle, Prospect, Wexford

Gorey—John H. Webster, Ellendale, Gorey

Scarawalsh—Thomas Rudd, Clonhastin, Enniscorthy

Shelburne—Richard H. Sheppard, Hilltown, Ballymitty

Shelmaliere, East—Edward J. Gainfort, Johnstown, Castlebridge

Shelmaliere, West— Wm. H. S. Pigott, Clover valley, Taghmon


For taking Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women in Ireland.

Boyd, Thomas, New Ross

Carr, Edward, New Ross

Harvey, Joseph, Wexford

Ryan, Gerald O’B., Wexford

Taylor, Charles, Wexford


For Administering Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland.

Allen, Benjamin, Wexford

Atkin, Percival, Newtownbarry

Carr, Edward, New Ross

Hinson, Henry G., New Ross

Jacob, G. P. H., Wexford

Kavanagh, Michael, Wexford

Roberts, George C., Enniscorthy

Taylor, Charles N. P., Wexford

Wilkinson, Thomas, Enniscorthy


To Administer Oaths, and for taking Affidavits in Ireland, to be acted upon in England.

Edward Carr, Solicitor and Notary, New Ross.


To Administer Oaths in Admiralty.

Charles Taylor, Solicitor, Wexford


[Diocese of Ferns].

Bishop—Right Rev. Wm. Pakenham Walsh, D.D.; also Bishop of Ossory and Leighlin. Residence—The Palace, Kilkenny

Dean—Very Rev. John R. Dowse, A.M., rector of Gorey

Precentor—Rev. H. E. Ellison, A.M., rector of Shillelagh

Chancellor—Rev. Fredk. Thompson, A.M., rector of Edermine Union

Treasurer—Rev. Jonathan S. Cooper, A.B., rector of Killanne

Archdeacon—Ven. John C. Archdall, A.M., rector of Newtownbarry

Clergymen for Granting Marriage Licenses—Rev. J. C. Murdoch, Enniscorthy; Very Rev. Dean of Ferns, Gorey; Rev. Francis Le Hunte, New Ross; Ven. J. C. Archdall, Newtownbarry; Rev. J. K. Latham, Wexford


Hon. Secs.—Ven. Achdeacon Archdall; John C. Pounden, J.P.; Rev. J. C. Murdoch, A.M., Enniscorthy

Hon.Treasurers—The Bishop, The Earl of Courtown; Colonel H. Alcock, D.L.; Thos. Wilkinson, Office, Church Institute, Enniscorthy

Registrar—Thomas Kough, J.P., Kilkenny


Division Officer—Capt. Thomas De Hoghton, Wexford

Morris Castle—Alfred Stanley, R.N.

Curracloe—John Frew, chief boatman

Rosslare—Francis Thomas, R.N.

Carnsore (Life Boat Station)—Cornelius Finn

Kilmore Quay—George Biles, R.N.

Bar of Lough (Boarding Station)—John Hurley, R.N.

Cahore—Richard Tuohig, chief boatman

Courtown—William M‘Kegg


Arthurstown, Ballycanew, Clonroche, Coolgreany,Duncormick, Enniscorthy, Ferns, Gorey, Killinick, New Ross, Newtownbarry, Oulart, Taghmon, Wexford


Office, 14 High street, Wexford

President—Lord Maurice Fitzgerald

Patroness—Hon. Mrs. Deane-Morgan

Treasurer—John F. Hogan

Secretary—Chas. Taylor, solicitor

Consulting Counsel—Molyneux, Barton & Co., 38 Upper Fitzwilliam street, Dublin



Governors—Earl of Courtown, D.L.; Lieut. Col. Harry Alcock, D.L.; George Le Hunte, J.P.; Francis J. Leigh, J.P.; Henry Lambert; Walter M. W. Dawson, D.L.; Edward T. Irvine, D.L.; Arthur M. Kavanagh, D.L.; Geo. C. Roberts, J.P.; Henry Bruen, D.L.; Lorenzo Dundas, J.P.; Chas. Tottenham, D.L.; Earl of Granard, K.P.; Lord Templemore; Anthony J. Cliffe, D.L.; Nathaniei N. Cookman, J.P.; Matthias A. Maher, D.L.; Sir John Talbot Power, Bart, D.L.; James P. Devereux; Patrick Breen, J.P.; E. T. Solly-Flood, J.P.; Captain Tho. J. Walker, D.L.; Captain Percy L. Harvey, D.L.; John D. Devereux, D.L.; William Cookman, J.P.; C. M. Doyne, D.L.; Mayor of Wexford, ex-officio; Lord Maurice Fitzgerald; Sir George H. Porter, Knt., M.D.; Major-General Soloman Richards, J.P.; Rev. Robert S. Carew Blacker, J.P.

Resident Medical Superintendent—Thomas Drapes, M.B.

Visiting Physician—Nich. Furlong, M.D.

Chaplains, Catholic—Rev. Abraham Brownrigg. Protestant (I.C.)—Rev. James C. Murdoch, A.M.

Apothecary—Philip M. Cooke, L. A.

Matron—Anne Jane Allen.

Clerk and Storekeeper—Robert Henderson



Visiting Committee—George Le Hunte, J.P.; Col. Harry Alcock, D.L.; Edward S. Flood, J.P.; John Greene, J.P.; Lieut. Colonel Huson, J.P.; Charles H. Peacocke, J.P.; Captain T. J. Walker, D.L.; Lord Maurice Fitzgerald, J.P.

Governor—Augustus Warburton.

Chaplains, Catholic—Rev. Patrick D. O’Leary. Protestant (I.C.)—Rev. J. K. Latham, D.D.

Physician and Surgeon—David Hadden, M.D.

Chief Warder—J. Clarke



Surgeon—Henry H. Boxwell, M.D.

Assistant Surgeon—Thomas J. Dowse, M.B.

Secretary and Registrar—George Carroll

Apothecary—Richard Cox Webb

Treasurer—Provincial Bank



(Meet on Saturday.)

Chairman—Edmond Hore

Vice-Chairman—Patrick Ryan

Deputy Vice-Chairman—James Kehoe


Lieut.-Col. P. S. Alcock, Park house. Wexford; John Bardon, Coolcliffe, Foulkesmill; Francis Boxwell, Butlerstown castle, Ballycogley; John H. Boxwell, Hermitage, Wexford; William Boxwell, Sarshill, Kilmore; Captain S. H. C. H. Boyse, Bannow house, Bannow; Patrick Breen, Castlebridge; Right Hon. Henry Bruen, Oak park, Carlow; A. J. Cliffe, Bellevue, Wexford; William Coghlan, Summerville, Wexford; Chas. M. Doyne, Wells, Oulart; Lord Maurice Fitzgerald, Johnstown castle; John Greene, Mount Anna, Kyle; Frederick S. Flood, Gibraltar; Captain Percy L. Harvey, Lonsdale, Kyle; Crosbie W. Harvey, Bromley, Kyle: Col. Hatton, Effingham hall, England; James Howlin, Ballycronigan, Tagoat; Sir Frederick Hughes, Polehore, Wexford; Colonel Narcissus E. Huson, Wexford; Geo. Le Hunte, Artramont, Castlebridge; John F. Kane, Saunders’ court, Kyle; Francis King, Woodville, Bridgetown; Francis A. Leigh, Rosegarland, Foulksmill; Leonard Morrogh, Sledagh, Murrintown; Charles H. Peacocke, Belmont, Wexford; Sir George H. Porter, M.D., 3 Merrion square, north, Dublin; Sir John T. Power, Bart., Edermine, Enniscorthy; James Stannard, Bricketstown, Taghmon; Charles J. Tottenham, Ballycurry house, Ashford, co. Wicklow; Edward Turner, Carcur house, Wexford; Capt. Thomas J. Walker, Tykillen house, Kyle


Ardcavan—Michael Sinnott, Ardcavan, Wexford; Ardcolm—John Rowe, Ballymore, Screen; Artramont—John Collothan, Ballyboggan, Castlebridge; Ballymitty—Adam O’Neill, Ardinagh, Ballymitty; Bannow—G. Rossiter, Grange, Carrig-on-Bannow; Bridgetown—Michael Browne, Bridgetown; Carrick—Patrick Ryan, Ballygoman, Wexford; Drinagh—Thomas Devereux, Broom cottage, Drinagh; Duncormick—Martin Ffrench, Johnstown, Duncormick; Forth—Nicholas Codd, Holmestown, Wexford; Glynn—Edward Leacy, Bulgan, Killurin; Harperstown—Michael Kavanagh, Walshgraigue, Ballymitty; Harristown—Thomas Colloton, Grange, Ballymitty; Kilbride—Jas. Kehoe, Bregorteen, Killurin; Kilcowan—William Stafford, Baldwinstown; Killag—Edward White, Nicharee, Duncormick; Killinick—Thomas Rowe, Jonastown, Killinick; Killurin—James Hayden, Corlican, Killurin; Kilmore—John Sinnott, Ballyharty, Kilmore; Kilpatrick—Patrick Lambert, Kyle, Wexford; Kilscoran—Nicholas Cooney, Five-acre, Tagoat; Lady’s Island—John J. Wall, Ballyfane, Broadway; Mayglass—James Codd, Churchlands, Ballycogley; Newcastle—Patrick Kavanagh, Ballycapogue, Bridgetown; Rathaspeck—James Keating, Dennistown, Murrintown; Rosslare—Nicholas Marshall, Bush, Tagoat; St. Helen’s—Edmond Hore, Coldblow, Broadway; Tacumshane—Richard Reville, Ecclestown, Tacmushane; Taghmon—Bartholomew Brennan, Taghmon; Tomhaggard—John Barry, Ballagh, Ballycogley; Wexford—Nicholas Roche, Park, Wexford; Patrick Chandler, John street, Wexford; John Redmond, George street, Wexford; Peter Cassin, Selskar street; Wexford; Whitechurch, James Cullen, Poulpeasty, Taghmon


Clerk, James O’Connor; Catholic chaplain, Workhouse, Rev. Michael Kelly, AdM.; Catholic chaplain, Fever Hospital, Rev. Luke Doyle, AdM.; Protestant (I.C.) chaplain, Rev. J. K. Latham, A.M.; Master, John Irwin; Matron. Bridget Scallan; Medical Officer, M. J. Sheridan; Schoolmaster, James M‘Grath; Schoolmistress, Margt. Irwin; Assistant Schoolmistress, Margaret Finn; Porter, Edward J. Kearns; Matron, Fever Hospital, Margaret Morris; Relieving Officers, Mark Murphy, Quay, Wexford; Francis Dillon, Bridgetown

Rate Collectors—Michael J. O’Connor, North Main street, Wexford; Patrick Keating. Prospect, Clonard, Wexford; James Murphy, Taghmon; James Keane, Ballymitty


(Meet on Wednesday.)

Chairman—John Ryan

Vice-Chairman—J. G. Dooley

Deputy Vice-Chairman—Edwd. Joyce


Lord Templemore, Dunbrody park, Arthurstown; F. A. Leigh, Rosegarland, Foulksmill; A. M. Kavanagh, Borris house, Borris, County Carlow; Wm. M. Glascott, Alderton, Priesthaggard; W. M. Gibbon, Templeshelin, Adamstown; Joseph Acheson, Ballyanne park, New Ross; Francis Rutledge, Coolbawn, Killanne, Enniscorthy; R. C. B. Clayton, Ballyshannon, Adamstown; J. E. Deane Drake, Stokestown house, New Ross; M. W. Knox, Killowen, Priesthaggard; W. H. Bolger, Ballinabarna, The Rower; E. A. Byrne, Rosemount, New Ross; D. A. Milward, Tullagher, New Ross; J. Hewlett, South street, New Ross; James E. Galavan, Erin Vale, New Ross; Captain S. Barrett, Kilmanock, Priesthaggard; A. Stephens, Duncannon, via Waterford; Major R. J. Roche, Knockreigh, Adamstown, Enniscorthy; Major T. E. Harman, Palace East, New Ross; Robert Tyndall, Oaklands, New Ross


New Ross—Thomas Connolly, Charles street, New Ross; Wm. Douglas, Michael street, New Ross; John Meehan, Pondfields, New Ross; Templetown—Edwd. O’Loughlin, jun., Lewistown, Fethard; The Rower—Thomas Galavan, Cullintra, The Rower; Tintern—John Ryan, Milltown, Ballyculane; Adamstown. Barronstown and Kilgarvan—J. O’Connor, Oldcourt, Adamstown; Ballyanne and Whitemoor—James Bolger, jun., Coolback, New Ross; Ballyhack and Kilmokea—Thos. O’Shea, Clonsharra, Arthurstown; Ballymurphy, Coonogue and Kyle—Ed. Joyce, Ballymurphy, Borris; Barrackvillage, Clonleigh and Templeudigan—Ed. Kavanagh, Ballygalvert Ballywilliam—Jerpointwest, Brownsford and Listerlin—Richard Forristal, Listerlin, New Ross; Carnagh, Dunmain and Inch—H. Connor, Nash, New Ross; Carrigbyrne, Newbawn and Old Ross—James Doyle, jun., Scullabogue, Carrigbyrne; Clongeen and Horetown—Francis O’Hagan, Tottenhamgreen,Taghmon; Dysertmoon, Rosbercon and Shanbogh—James G. Dooley, Rosbercon, New Ross; Fethard and Rathroe—Michael M‘Grath, Coole, Arthurstown; Glynn and Tinnehinch—James Kelly, Knockeen, Graigue; Killesk and Whitechurch—Stephen Colfer-Bodern, Arthurstown; Old-court and Rochestown—John Power, Ballinteskin, New Ross


Clerk—P. A. Pope. Catholic Chaplain—Rev. John Kirwan. Protestant (I.C.)—Rev. F. Le Hunte, A.M. Master—William Harrington. Matron—Alicia O’Reilly. Medical Officers—N. J. Meehan (Infirmary); John W. Boyd (Fever Hospital). Schoolmaster—Andrew O’Neill. Schoolmistress—Sister M. J. Pillian. Infant School Teacher—Bridget Breen. Porter—Martin Wyse. Relieving Officers—N. Redmond; Thomas Clare; James Doyle; James Berney

Rate Collectors—Matthew Doyle; Andrew F. Barden


(Meet on Thursday.)

Chairman—John Flynn

Vice-Chairman—P. W. Casey

Deputy V. Chairman—M. Murphy


Colonel Alcock, Wilton Castle, Enniscorthy; Francis Boxwell, M.D., Butlerstown Castle, Ballycogley; Right Hon. Henry Bruen, Oakpark, Carlow; Anthony J. Cliffe, Bellevue, Enniscorthy; N. N. Cookman, Monart house, do.; William Cookman, Kiltrea house, do.; Eugene Connolly, Uplands, Monkstown; John Cullin, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy; Matthew B. Darcy, Kilbroney house, Bray; Capt. W. M. W. Dawson, Charlesfort, Ferns; John Daly Devereux, Ballyrankin house, do.; Lorenzo Dundas, Clobemon hall, do.; Lieut. Eden, Merton, Enniscorthy; Lord Maurice Fitzgerald, Johnstown castle, Wexford; Edwd. S. Flood, Ballynaslaney house, Kyle; William M. Gibbon, Templeshelin, Adamstown; Capt. E. Tottenham Irvine, St. Aidan’s, Ferns; Mathias A. Maher, Ballinkeele, Enniscorthy; James Moffatt, Ballyhyland, do.; Lord Monck, Charleville, Bray; Capt L. Pounden, Brownswood, Enniscorthy; Sir J. T. Power, Edermine, do.; Christopher Talbot Redington, Kilcoman, Oranmore, Galway; Albert G. Richards, Macmine castle, Enniscorthy; Major-Gen. Richards, Solsborough, do.; Geo. C. Roberts, Summerhill, do.; Laurence Sweetman, Ballymackesy, Clonroche; John H. Talbot, Castle Talbot, Blackwater; Edwd. Turner, Carcur, Wexford; Capt. T. J. Walker, Tykillen house, Kyle; W. H. West, Farmley, Ferns; Sir Clement J. Wolseley, Bart., Mount Wolseley, Tullow; F. Rutledge, Coolbawn


Ballindaggin—Thomas Jordan, Clonjordan, Ferns; Ballycarney and Castledockrill— Wm. Murphy, Craanroe, Ballycarney; Ballyhogue—Owen Doyle, Galbally, Bree; Ballyhuskard—James Cummins, Kilpierce, Enniscorthy; Bryan Murphy, Middletown, Ballaghkeene; Ballymore and The Harrow—Thos. Donovan, Tobergal, Ferns; Ballyvaldon—Michael Brien, Killeagh, Blackwater; Boolaboy—James Howell, Slievenagrane, Ballaghkeene; Bree—Daniel Coates, Kilgibbon, Bree; Castleboro—Thos. Dunne, Courtnacuddy, Clonroche; Castle Ellis—Thomas Kinsella, Curclogh, Ballaghkeene; Castle Talbot—John Fortune, Garryadden, Oulart; Clonroche—David Doran, Tominearly, Clonroche; Cranemore—William Kidd, Cranemore; Rossard—Robert Power, Old Deer Park, Newtownbarry; Edermine—John Furlong, jun., Jamestown, Oylgate; Enniscorthy—Patrick W. Casey, Enniscorthy; Aidan Harpur, do.; John Martin, Moneyhere, do.; Ferns and Kilboro—Patrick Murphy, Ferns Lower; Kilcormuck—Henry Goodisson, Garryduff, Clondaw; Killann—James Johnston, Rathduff, Killann; Robt. King, Askinvillar, Kiltealy; Killoughram—Nicholas P. Roche, Monglass, Enniscorthy; Kilmallock—Francis Cullen, Killisk, Ballaghkeene; Kilrush—Francis Whelan, Graiguemore, Newtownbarry; Kiltealy—Peter Tobin, Mohurry, Kiltealy; Marshalstown—Maurice Murphy, Boolabawn, Enniscorthy; Newtownbarry—Percival Atkin, Newtownbarry; Martin Redmond, Knockanure, Clohamon; St. Mary’s—William Prandy, Ashgrove,Templeshambo; The Leap—John Furlong, sen., Templescoby, Enniscorthy; Tinnacross—John Flynn, Riversdale, Enniscorthy; Tombrack—George Murphy, Tombrack, Ferns.


Clerk, D. Keohler; Assistant-Clerk, James D. Brennan; Protestant (I.C.) Chaplain, Rev. J. C. Murdoch, A.M.; Catholic Chaplain, Rev. D. O’Connor; Master, George Maguire; Matron, Ellen Murphy; Medical Officer, House and Fever Hospital, Nicholas Furlong; Schoolmaster, J. Maguire; Schoolmistress, Julia Murphy; Porter, Wm. H. Bligh; Relieving Officers, Martin Keating, Jerome Murphy, Martin Murphy.

Rate Collectors—Matthew Doyle, Daniel M‘Donald, James Murphy, Jerome Murphy, Timothy Nolan, Edward Somers, John Walsh.


(Meet on Saturday.)

Chairman—The Earl of Courtown.

Vice-Chairman—C. M. Doyne, J.P.

Deputy Vice-Chairman—H. Ringwood


The Earl of Courtown, Courtown house, Gorey; Charles M. Doyne, Wells, Gorey; Colonel Alcock, Wilton castle, Enniscorthy; Wm. Bolton, The Island, Oulart; John Boyce, Carnew castle; E. M. Bernard. Sheheree, Killamey; G. F. Brooke, Pickering, Celbridge; Anthony J. Cliffe, Bellevue, Enniscorthy; T. C. Ellis, St. Austins, Inch; Lord M. Fitzgerald, Johnstown castle, Wexford; Owen Fogarty, Aughrim; Major-General Guise, St. Walleran, Gorey; John Hatchell, Fortfield, Terenure, Dublin; Sir F. Hughes, Pollhore, Wexford; Captain Edward T. Irvine, St. Aidens, Ferns; J. H. Jones, Mullanbro’, Waterford; Lieutenant-Colonel M. G. Lloyd, Camolin house, Ferns; Lord Muskerry, Springfield castle, Drumcolloher; Viscount Powerscourt, Enniskerry; John C. Pounden, Ballywalter, Clonevan; Henry Quin, Borleigh, Gorey; Richard W. Reynell, Killynan, Killucan; Viscount Stopford, Marlfield, Gorey; H. J. White, Peppards castle, Clonevan; Wm. Wybrants, Ashton Park, Ballycanew.


Ardamine—George Warren, Springmount, Gorey; Balloughter—Henry Ringwood, Medophall, Camolin; Ballycanew—Thomas Cranwill, Ballycanew; Ballyellis—James Bolger, Money, Carnew; Ballybeg—Laurence Doyle, Askamore, Carnew; Ballygarret—Myles Smith, Glascarrigg, Clonevan; Ballylarkin—Benjamin Dickenson, Killybegs, Inch; Ballynestragh—Patrick Stafford, Clonsilla, Gorey; Cahore—Thomas H. Burkitt, Seaview, Clonevan; Coolgreany—Michael O’Shaughnessy, Clonough, Inch; Courtown—Hon. G. F. W. Stopford, Courtown house, Gorey; Thomas Fidler, Kildermot, Ballymoney; Forde and Killincooly—Philip Creane, Coolroe, Kilmuckridge; Gorey—John Warren, Ballaghboy, Leskinfere; Robert Earl, Kilnahue, Gorey; Bernard Flusk, Gorey; Huntingtown and Kilnahue—John G. Poole, Ballyowen; Kilcomb—George A. Owen, Ramsgate, Gorey; Kilgorman—Edward Doyle, Kilcavan, Gorey; Killenagh—William B. Porter, Tomgar house, Ballycanew; Limerick—John M‘Donald, Ballyconlore, Inch; Monamolin—Martin Doyle, Raheendarrigg, Ferns; Monaseed—Joseph Kenny, Ballyconran, Carnew; Rossminoge—Michl. Kenny, Newbridge, Camolin; Wells—George Walsh, Island Wells; Wingfield—S. J. Symes, Hillview, Tinahely; Michael D’Arcy, Annagh, Hollyfort.


Clerk, Richard Creighton; Protestant (I.C.) Chaplain, Very Rev. J. R. Dowse, A.M., Dean of Ferns; Catholic Chaplain, Rev. F. Furlong, Master, D. W. Gordon; Matron, Margaret Connors; Medical Officer, F. A. Monillot; Schoolmaster, John Hibbitts; Schoolmistress, Mary A. Murray; Porter, William Byrne; Relieving Officers, James Palmer, Gorey Hill; John Miller, Ballycanew.

Rate Collectors—Roger Pierce, Ballyhale, Gorey; George Kerfoot, Cullenoge, Inch; Robert Earl, Ballynahoun, Wells; Mathew Brislawn Sliebawn, Hollyfort.


[Magistrates having lands adjoining any river in the county, and who have paid license duty, are ex-officio Conservators.]


Upper, or fresh water division, J.D. Devereux, Ballyrankin House, Ferns; P. Atkin, Newtownbarry; James Eustace, Newtown, Tullow.

Lower, or fresh water division, E. S. Flood, Slaney Lodge; John Sutton, South Main street, Wexford; Wm. Whitty, jun., Pouldarrig.

Tidal division—Charles M. Doyne, Wells, Gorey; Hon. G. F. W.[?] Stopford, Courtown House, Gorey.

Clerk to Conservators, and distributor of Licenses, James Nolan P.S.C., Courthouse, Enniscorthy


Edward Carr, Solicitor, Camlin.

Edward A. Byrne, Rosemount.

John T. E. Boyd, Sol., Chilcomb.

Distributor of Licenses, William Munro, P.S.C., Charles street.


[See Chapter on the General Sports of the County.]


[Kennels, Tykillen, Wexford.]

Master—Captain Thomas Joseph Walker.

Secretary—Frank Boxwell.

Treasurer—Captain Maher.

Huntsman—Philip Morrissey.

Whip—John Maher.


[Kennels at Ballydarton, Carlow.]

Master—Robert Watson.


Master—William Whitney, Ballycross, Wexford.

Secretary—James Codd, Whitestown, Wexford.


President—The Marquis of Ely.

Treasurer—Andrew Barden, Corse, Fethard.

Secretary—John Murray, South street, New Ross.


President—Capt. Samuel Barrett.

Secretary & Treasurer—Laurence Murphy, Ballykerogue, Priest Haggard.


This Society includes the Wexford and Enniscorthy Poor Law Unions. Membership is regulated so as to include all ratepayers in these unions who shall have paid their subscriptions before the time of entry for the Annual Show. Class divisions are as follow:—Gentlemen, farmers whose holdings are valued at £50 and upwards—Farmers, whose holdings are valued at less than £50.

Patron—The Earl of Portsmouth.

President—Lord Carew.

Vice-Presidents—Vict. Monck; Sir J. T. Power, Bart., D.L.; Colonel Alcock, D.L.; George Le Hunte, J.P.; Wm. Bolton, D.L.; James Moffatt, J.P.; Captain Irvine, D.L.; M. A. Maher, D.L.; T. J. Walker, D.L.

Hon. Treas.—M. A. Maher, D.L.

Secretary—M. J. O’Connor, Wexford.

Annual Show in September.


Membership in this Society is divided into three classes: 1st, yearly subscribers of £1 and upwards; 2nd, first-class farmers holding land within the Gorey Union whose total valuation is £80 and upwards, all persons in trade or business subscribing 15s. yearly; 3rd class, second-class farmers in Gorey Union, valued under £80, subscribing 5s. yearly.

President—Earl of Courtown.

Hon. Sec.—Henry Ringwood, Medop Hall, Camolin.

Hon. Treas.—Hon. Geo. F. W. Stopford, Courtown House, Gorey.

Annual Show in September.


This Society consists of two classes of members—gentlemen subscribing £1 annually, and tenant-farmers subscribing 10s. annually. Its object is to encourage the introduction of pure-bred stock into the county by offering liberal Prizes in money for the best sires of horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs.

President—The Earl of Courtown.

Vice-Presidents—Earl of Portsmouth, Lord Carew, Lord Templemore.

Treasurer—Thomas Wilkinson, Castle Hill, Enniscorthy.

Secretaries— Wm. J. Toole, Curracloe House, Wexford; Geo. E. Boland, Castle street, Enniscorthy.

Annnal Show in September.

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