Cahir Alphabetical Directory - Book of County Tipperary, 1889

About “The Book of County Tipperary,” 1889

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. The Book of County Tipperary is the first of these to be made available on, with its own search page. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

To enjoy the rich variety of advertisements, confirm accuracy of the entries, or have a printed record of a family member, obtain an original or facsimile copy of The Book of County Tipperary.

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For names not found here, see Ardfinane, Ballylooby, Ballyporeen, Burncourt, Clogheen, and New Inn.

Ahearne, Michael, Kilcommon

Allen, M., Knockmorris

Baker, M. O’S. C., Ballydavid

Bresnan, Henry, Ballydrehid

Brett, Patk. W., Barnora cottage

Britt, Mrs. E., Cappauniac

Brown, Capt., The Abbey

Browning, Wm. H., Roosca

Buckley, Ml., Knocknabeha

Burke, John, Garryclogher

Burke, Mrs. M., Garryclogher

Burke, Samuel, Cahir

Burke, Stephen, Curraghatoor

Burns, Thomas, Derryclooney

Byrne, Thomas, Dranganmore

Cahill, James, Tubbrid

Carew, Richard, Kilmoyler

Casey, John, Ballingeary E

Casey, Michael, Boolakennedy

Clarke, Patk., Castle st

Cleary, Michael, Hymenstown

Cleary, Mrs. C., Carrigatoha

Cleary, Thomas, Ballingeary E

Coffee, Thomas, Carrigeen

Condon, Eugene, Roosca Burke

Condon, Thomas, Knockgraffon

Connor, George, Wellington st

Connors, Thos., Knockane Nash

Costigan, Andrew, Castlecoyne

Dalton, Joseph, Ballygorteen

Davin, Jeremiah, Derrygrath up

Donnell, Patrick, Knockgraffon

Drohan, Laurence, Rathmore

Dwyer, Jeremiah, Ballymorris

Dwyer, Jeremiah, Peahill

Egan, Thomas, Lisnamuck

Egan, Tobias F., Lisava

Egan, William, Kilmalogue

English, Wm. (Wm.), K’ckgraffon

English, Wm. (Phil.), K’ckgraffon

English, Wm., Masterstown

Fennell, John C., Garryroan

Fennell, Jn. G., Caher Abbey L

Fennessy, John, Knockgraffon

Finn, Patrick, Roosca Miles

Fitzgerald, John, Masterstown

Fitzgerald, Michael, Mortlestown

Fitzgerald, Patk., Kilmalogue

Fitzgerald, Patrick, Cullenagh S

Fitzgerald, William, Knockgraffon

Fisher, Mrs., Rosemount

Flynn, John, Ballybrado

Fogarty, Daniel, Carrigeen

Fogarty, William, Husseystown

Foley, Laurence, Ballygarrane

Foley, Ml., jun., Cahir Abbey U

Foley, Philip, Husseystown

Franklin, Robert, Barnora

Gavin, Wm., jun., Whitechurch

Gibton, Miss, Wellington House

Going, Alex., Alta Villa

Going, Alex., Barnora

Going, Alex., Hymenstown

Gorman, Edmond, Toureen

Gorman, Patrick, Dranganmore

Griffin, Patrick, Lisnamuck

Grubb, Mrs. E. H., Abbey House

Grubb, Misses, Abbey House

Grubb, Miss, The Abbey

Hallinan, Timothy, Knockmorris

Halloran, James, Cahir Abbey U

Hally, Thos., Ballymacadam east

Hanly, Simon, Derryclooney

Hanrihan, Thomas, Kilmalogue

Harvey, Miss, Up. Caher Abbey

Heffernan, Andrew, Knockgraffon

Heffernan, Daniel, Dranganbeg

Heffernan, James, Derrygrath L

Heffernan, James, Kilmurry

Heffernan, John, Cuckoohill

Heffernan, John, K’puttogue

Heffernan, Thomas, Kilmaloge

Heffernan, Thomas, Knockgraffon

Heffernan, William, Dranganbeg

Hennessy, Andrew, Outeragh

Hennessy, Brien, Garnavilla

Hickey, Ml., jun., Knockagh

Higgins, James, Knockgraffon

Holway, Maurice, Cappauniac

Hutchinson, Mrs., Wellington Ho

Hyland, James, Knockabeha

Hynes, John, Cranavone

Jones, Misses, Cahir Abbey

Keating, James, Nicholastown

Keating, Richard, Ballydavid

Keating, Thomas, Garryroe

Keating, Thomas, Square

Keating, Wm, Cloughabreedy

Keating. Wm., Tubbrid

Keeffe, Michael, K’more south

Kenna, William, Kilmaloge

Kennedy, Edmond, Derrygrath L

Kennedy, Edward, Derrygrath

Kennedy, Michael, Cloughbreedy

Kent, John, Curraghslagh

Leader, Dr., Barrack Cross House

Lonergan, James, Cahir

Lonergan, Michael, Knocknaboha

Lonergan, Thomas, Ballymacadam

Looby, Michael, Townparks

Luddy, James, Knockgraffon

M‘Carthy, John, Kilcommonbeg

M‘Craith, Miss, Loughloher Castle

M‘Eniry, Michael, Lisava

M‘Grath, Edm., Monaloughra

M‘Grath. Ty., Kilcommonbeg

Martin, Maurice, Ballynamona

Martin, Thomas, Carrigeen

Maxey, David, Garryclogher

Merrick, John, Ballygorteen

Moran, John, Townparks

Moran, John, jun., Cahir

Morrissey, John, Ballindoney W

Morrissey, John, Crohane

Morrissey, Patrick, Ballingeary E

Morrissey, Patrick, Kilmaloge

Mulcahy, John, J.P., The Mall

Mulcahy, Patrick, Knockgraffon

Mullany, Laurence, Ballygorteen

Murnane, Edmond, Toureen

Murnane, John, Cappauniac

Murnane, William, Lisava

Murphy, James, Outeragh

Murphy, John, Derryclooney

Murphy, Michael, Knockgraffon

Myers, John, Knockgraffon

Meyers, William, Knockgraffon

Nagle, John, Hymenstown

Neill, Daniel, Loughane

Norris, Richard, Masterstown

Nugent, John, Knockgraffon

O’Brien, Patrick, Garnavilla

O’Donnell, E., Ballymacadam W

O’Donnell, John, Clonmore south

O’Donnell, Jn., Kilcommonmore S

O’Donnell, Michael, Moorstown

O’Donnell, Patrick, Clonmore S

O’Donnell, P. J., Clonmore south

O’Donnell, Patrick, Rathmore

O’Donnell, Thomas, Ballydrehid

O’Donnell, Thomas, Kedrah

O’Donnell, Wm., Clonmore south

O’Donnell, W. P., Clonmore south

O’Meara, J., jun., Newtownadam

O’Meara, Thomas, Newtownadam

O’Ryan, Miss, Helena, Abbeyview

Palmer, Rev. Henry, Vicar’s Hill

Peters, James, Kilnacask lower

Peters, William, Tankerstown

Prendergast, Edm., Barnora

Prendergast, Ml., Ballyhohan

Prendergast, Ml., Derrygrath L

Prendergast, Tho., Derrygrath L

Quigley, Pat, Suttonrath

Quinlan, John, Derryclooney

Quinn, Jno., Cranna

Quirke, James, Ballingeary E

Roche, David, Raheen

Roche, John, jun., K’more S

Ross, Wm. M., Bridge House

Ryan, Daniel, Knockgraffon

Ryan, Edmond, Ballygarrane

Ryan, Edmond, Lisnamuck

Ryan, Ml., Dangandargan

Ryan, Patrick, Knockgraffon

Ryan, Thomas, Gurteen

Ryan, Timothy, Ballygarrane

Sargint, Mrs., Church st

Shee, James John, Abbeyview

Sheehy, William, Ballydrehid

Shine, Patrick, Knockgraffon

Shortis, P., Ballingeary E

Smith, R. E. H., Mall

Smith, R. W., Duneske

Tierney, William, Cappauniac

Tobin, James, Tincurry

Wade, Thomas, Outeragh

Wall, Michael, Loughlohery

Wall, Patrick, Nicholastown

Walsh, E. P., Ballymacadam W

Walsh, Edmond, Ballymacadam

Walshe, Laurence, Tubbrid

Walshe, Pierse, Kilmaloge

Walsh, James, Cahir Abbey U

Walsh, John, Ballylegan

Walsh, Jos., Castle st

Walsh, Michael, Derryclooney

Walsh, R., Kilcommonmore S

Walsh, Thomas, jun., Carrigeen

Wilkinson, Mrs., Outrath

Wilson, James, Cahir

Wilson, Robert, Bridge House



Letters addressed to residents of a sub-postal district should bear the name of the head office, thus: Burncourt, Cahir.