List of Illustrations

Valerian Gribayedoff

Castlebar. .. Drawn by Harry Ogden. Frontispiece

Arrival of the French Vessels. .. Edw. Siebert

Portrait of General Sarrazin. .. V. Gribayédoff

Portrait of Marquis of Cornwallis. .. V. Gribayédoff

Sarrazin Embraces a Patriot's Corpse. .. Edw. Siebert

The March to Castlebar. .. W. C. Fitler

Portrait of General Hutchinson. .. V.Gribayédoff

Lake's Flight from Castlebar. .. Baron C. de Grimm

The Ball after the Battle. .. Thomas Mcllvaine

Map of Connaught

Portrait of Colonel Charles Vereker. .. Comerford

Retreat of the French. .. Edw. Siebert

The Gory Heights of Ballinamuck. .. Charles Graham

The Battle of Killala. .. Edw. Siebert