Publishers' Preface - Fairy Legends of Ireland

HIS collected edition of the late Mr. Crofton Croker's "Fairy Legends of Ireland" has been out of print for some years. It is now included, as the representative volume of Irish Fairy Lore, in the "Illustrated Library of Fairy Tales of all Nations," since by universal assent it is recognized as the best and most characteristic work of the kind dealing with Irish superstition.

All the original very clever woodblocks have been acquired, together with the copyright, for our series, and the work is now re-issued in its entirety, with the exception of the notes—now somewhat incomplete or irrelevant, owing to the great advance that Folklore has made, as a science, of late years—and one or two of the stories, which, treating as they do of spiritualism or other matters of no interest to the Folklorist, as such, and of questionable interest to our Juvenile Readers, have been omitted.

S. S. & Co.