William Phelan

Phelan, William, D.D., a distinguished clergyman of the Established Church, was born at Clonmel, 29th April 1789. His parents were Catholics, and he was educated as one; but it is said that, being shocked upon one occasion by the plain statement of a co-religionist of the doctrine of exclusive salvation taught by their Church, his opinions gradually underwent a change, and he entered Trinity College as a Protestant, in June 1806. He soon became distinguished by his literary attainments, and was befriended by William Conyngham Plunket and Dr. Magee. In 1814 he was appointed second master in the Endowed School of Londonderry; the same year he took orders in the Church, and was appointed to a chaplaincy by the Bishop of Derry. In 1817, on a third trial, he gained a fellowship in Trinity College, and in 1818 was elected Donnellan Lecturer; in 1823 he resigned his fellowship, married, and accepted the curacy of Keady, in the diocese of Armagh, which next year he gave up for the rectory of Killyman in the same diocese. In October 1825 he succeeded to the college rectory of Ardtrea, and next year took the degree of D.D. He died 13th June 1830, aged 41. This amiable and learned man was the author of The Policy of the Church of Rome in Ireland (1827), and numerous minor works. His Remains were collected by his friend Bishop Jebb, and published in 2 vols. 8vo. in 1832.


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