William Carr Beresford

Beresford, William Carr, Viscount Beresford, a distinguished general, son of the Marquis of Waterford, was born in Ireland, 2nd October 1768. He entered the army in 1785, and served with distinction in every quarter of the world — America, Corsica, India, Egypt, the Cape, and Buenos Ayres. He was Governor of Madeira in 1808, and was drafted thence to the Peninsula, where he played an important part under Sir John Moore, and in Wellington's campaigns. He commanded at Albuera against Soult, and bore his part at Badajos, at Salamanca (where he was severely wounded), at Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Neve, and Orthez. He led the division that took possession of Bordeaux, and fought at the battle of Toulouse. He was raised to the peerage as baron in 1814, a pension was settled on him, and he received the highest military decorations, was created by the Spaniards Duke of Elvas, and by the Portuguese Conde di Francoso. He was made a viscount in 1823. Under the Duke of Wellington's administration, in 1828, Viscount Beresford was appointed Master of the Ordnance. He died at his seat, Bedgebury Park, Kent, 8th January 1854, aged 85, and was interred at Goudhurst.


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