William Brown

Brown, William, Admiral in the service of Buenos Ayres, was born in Ireland about 1779. He went to the United States in 1793, and was employed in the mercantile marine until 1797, when he was impressed by a British war-vessel. In 1814, being at Buenos Ayres, in command of a merchant-vessel, he was induced to enter the naval service of that country; and, receiving the command of its flotilla, engaged, in April of that year, some Spanish vessels off Martin-Garcia Island. In the ensuing May he brought about the capture of Monte Video by the defeat of the Spanish fleet. He was now made Admiral, and was successful in expeditions against Spanish commerce in the Pacific. Returning upon one occasion with a rich booty, he was taken by a British war-vessel, carried into Antigua and "condemned [we are not told to what] upon frivolous and unreasonable allegations." The war with Brazil brought him again into notice, and increased his naval reputation. The date of his decease is not mentioned by Drake.


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