Tyrone Power

Power, Tyrone, an eminent actor, born about 1795 — according to one account in the County of Waterford; according to another, at Swansea, of Irish parents. His real name was Thomas Powell. He served his time as a compositor, but ultimately abandoned printing, and went on the stage, where he soon attained a high position. After some experience in tragedy, he took up Irish comedy — to suit which he "manufactured" an admirable brogue. In 1818 he retired from the boards; but returned in 1821, and became manager of the Olympic Theatre in 1823. He appeared at Drury-lane the same year. In 1824 he achieved a triumph as "Paddy O'Halloran," and thenceforward devoted himself to Irish characters. Mr. Power travelled in America in 1833-'4-'5, and published his Impressions of America in 1836. In 1840 he made a second tour through the States, and sailed from New York on his return, in the steamer President, on 11th March 1841. Nothing was ever heard of this ill-fated vessel, and it is supposed she foundered in a storm, or came in collision with floating ice. Mr. Power was the author of some novels. An interesting note on his last appearance in Dublin, 20th June 1840, will be found in Notes and Queries, 2nd Series. His son, Sir W. Tyrone Power, has written several books of travel.


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