Thomas Hawkesworth Ledwich

Ledwich, Thomas Hawkesworth, an eminent Dublin surgeon, grandson of preceding, and son of Edward Ledwich, a Waterford solicitor, was born in 1823. He was indentured to Dr. J. Mackessy, and in 1844 was admitted a licentiate, and in 1845 a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. In 1847 he became one of the principals of the Peter-street (now the Ledwich) School of Medicine, where he had been educated, and at once took his stand among the most able and popular lecturers on anatomy, physiology, and surgery. He contributed largely to the Dublin Journal of Medical Science, and other publications of a kindred character, and his Anatomy (Dublin, 1853), written in conjunction with his brother, entirely from original observations, is now a standard work. On the death of Sir Philip Crampton he was appointed, in his place, surgeon to the Meath Hospital. Surgeon Ledwich died in Dublin, 29th September 1858, aged 35,and was buried at Mount Jerome. On his death, by the unanimous wish of his colleagues, the name of the Peter-street School of Medicine was changed to that which it now bears (Ledwich School of Medicine), in recognition of his important services to the institution.


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