Thomas Cooke

Cooke, Thomas, a musician, born in Dublin in 1782. His precocious talents were cultivated by his father, and while quite young he was appointed musical director of a Dublin theatre. At the termination of this engagement he sang in the English operas, and afterwards, retiring from the stage, acted as director, composer, and leader at Drury Lane and Covent Garden. He was more distinguished for his prompt facility both in composition and performance, than for particular excellence in either. So great was his aptitude, that at a benefit in 1820, besides singing, he executed solos on nine different instruments. Successful as a teacher, he was also noted for his wit and brilliant parts as a companion. He died in London, 31st March 1848, aged about 66. Mr. Cooke married Miss Howells, a celebrated singer, by whom he had many children, one of whom, Grattan Cooke, has greatly distinguished himself as a vocalist.


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