Thomas Carter

Carter, Thomas, a singer, pianist, and composer, was born in Ireland in 1768. Having early developed musical talents, the Earl of Inchiquin supplied him with means for pursuing the study. At eighteen he published six sonatas for the harpsichord. Subsequently he went to Naples to complete his musical education. Passionately fond of travel, he visited India; whence he was obliged to return on account of ill health. The manager of Drury Lane then engaged him to write some operas. He excelled in ballads — "O Nanny, wilt thou gang with me?" was his; also some good sea-pieces. On one occasion, being unable to raise money by the sale of his own compositions, he imitated Handel's style, and procured without any difficulty £20 for the piece. He died of liver complaint, in November 1804, aged about 36.


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