Thomas Burke

Burke, Thomas, American revolutionary patriot, was born, probably in Galway, about 1747. Emigrating to Virginia, he for some time practised medicine; and afterwards became a lawyer. Of a bold and impetuous temper, a ready writer and speaker, he was one of the leading spirits in the revolutionary war; his publications in opposition to the Stamp Act especially drew him into notice. He fought at the battle of Brandywine; and was an efficient and active member of Congress from December 1776 until 1781, when he was elected Governor of North Carolina, in the formation of the constitution of which state he had a considerable share. He was taken prisoner by the Royalists in September of that year. After a detention of four months, he broke his parole, reached home, and resumed his office. He died at Hillsborough, North Carolina, 2nd December 1783, aged about 36.


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