Sir William Ouseley

Ouseley, Sir William, a voluminous writer, brother of preceding, was born in Limerick, in 1771. He was knighted in 1800, and in 1810 accompanied his brother, Sir Gore, to Persia, as his private secretary. He wrote several works upon that country: Persian Miscellanies (1795); Oriental Collections, 3 vols. (1797-1800); Ancient History of Persia (1799); Oriental Geography (1804); Travels in Various Countries of the East, 3 vols. (1810-'12). He died in 1842. [His son, Sir William (born in London in 1797, died there 6th March 1866) was attache at Stockholm and at Washington, and wrote Statistics and Political Institutions of the United States (1832), and Views of South America (1852). His other sons, John, Richard, Ralph, and Joseph, rose to high rank in the army, and served chiefly in India.]


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