Sir William Jumper

Jumper, Sir William, a distinguished naval officer, was born at Bandon about the middle of the 17th century — his commission as Second Lieutenant being dated 29th November 1688. Six years afterwards his high reputation gained him the command of the Weymouth. Besides other important services, he captured off the coast of Ireland several French privateers, and in 1695 some French vessels in the Channel. He served under Sir George Rooke in the expedition against Cadiz, was instrumental in the reduction of Gibraltar, and signalized himself in a naval engagement off Malaga. Returning from the Straits with Sir Cloudesley Shovel in 1707, he arrived at Falmouth in safety on the 22nd October, the same day that Sir Cloudesley and part of his fleet were lost on the Scilly Isles. He was knighted, and in 1714 was appointed resident Navy Commissioner at Plymouth, and died 12th March 1715.


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