Sir William Brabazon

Brabazon, Sir William, was during some eighteen years Vice-Treasurer and Receiver-General in Ireland. "In 1536, with Lord-Chancellor Trimleston, he prevented the ravages of O'Conor in Carbery, by burning many villages in his country of Offaly, and carrying away great preys." In 1543 he acted as commissioner for receiving surrender of the abbeys closed by Henry VIII., and as receiver of the official seals when Henry altered his title from "Lord" to "King" of Ireland. Three years afterwards he was made Lord-Justice, pursued the O'Mores and O'Conors into Kildare, and built a fort on the spot where Philipstown was afterwards founded. It was at his suggestion Athlone Castle was repaired and occupied. In 1549, he compelled the surrender of Charles MacArt Kavenagh, and caused him to renounce the name of MacMurrough. He died 9th July 1552, at Carrickfergus, and was buried in St. Catherine's Church, Dublin. The Earls of Meath are descended from him.


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