Sir John FitzEdmund FitzGerald

FitzGerald, Sir John FitzEdmund, Seneschal of Imokilly, cousin of preceding, was born about 1528. He stood by the Government all through the Desmond war, although often sorely tempted to join the Earl, who was a relation of his. In July 1572 he was recommended to the Queen by Sir H. Sidney as deserving of reward for his sufferings in her service, and was granted an immediate sum of 100 marks and an annuity of 100 more out of the Munster forfeitures. When Parliament met for the arrangement of the forfeitures of the Desmond estates, he produced a feoffment which the deceased Earl had made of his property to him before the war. The dates of the document were proved to be erroneous, and his character for loyalty was compromised by this attempt to aid the family of his kinsman, and cheat the undertakers out of their prey. Nevertheless he continued to show himself " the best subject the Queen had in Munster." In March 1601, when Mountjoy sojourned at his house in Cloyne, he was knighted. He was a friend of Sir George Carew, and in his old age was in the enjoyment of as much leisure and dignity as official favour could procure for him. He died 15th January 1612, aged 84, and was buried in Cloyne Cathedral, where his monument may still be seen.


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