Sir John Doyle

Doyle, Sir John, Bart., was born in Dublin in 1756, and was educated at Trinity College. In 1775 he embarked as Lieutenant with the 40th Regiment for America, where he greatly distinguished himself, and was several times wounded. For some time he was Captain of the "Volunteers of Ireland," on the royalist side. At the commencement of the French war in 1793 he raised a regiment, subsequently numbered as the 87th, and served under the Duke of York in the campaign of 1794 as Lieutenant-Colonel. He was afterwards appointed Colonel of the 87th, and sent in command of a secret expedition to Holland. Having filled the office of Secretary of War in Ireland under the short viceroyalty of Lord Fitzwilliam, he was continued in that position by Lord Camden. As a member of the Irish House of Commons, he sided with the national party. In the expedition to Egypt, under Abercrombie in 1801, he showed great gallantry, leaving a sick bed, and riding forty miles through the desert to defend Alexandria against General Menou. After residing for some time in Naples for the benefit of his health, in 1804 he was appointed Governor of Guernsey, in 1805 was created a baronet, and in 1819 a general. He died 8th August 1834, aged 77.


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